SUPERFREAKS: One year already!!

General / 01 June 2019

Today is a special day!

First of all, it’s the beginning of Pride Month (50th anniversary of Stonewall).
Cheers to all my queer friends, I love you ❤️

Secondly, today is the first anniversary of SUPERFREAKS!

Last year, Pierrick, Elsa and I went to San Francisco at the Twitch Office to release our creator-owned comic book on ComiXology!

While I had already created covers before, working on a full book was a major milestone of my career as a comic artist.

Happy birthday Blue Aura, Circuit, Savage, Rookie, Red, Garb, and La Brute ❤️

The video of our live on Twitch with DJ Wheat (02:00:00)

SUPERFREAKS on ComiXology:

Bleeding Cool article:

Cover issue 5 by Jamie McKelvie

Misfit Day

General / 08 April 2019

Yesterday was the 8th Misfit Day!

Misfit (Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe) is a character from DC "Birds of Prey", created by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott.
The Happy Sorceress Tumblr, is doing a "Misfit Day" since few years now, and it's my second participation!



General / 31 March 2019

Spider-Woman commission!

I still have few slots available.
Full character with promarkers and colored pencils on 9x12“ paper: 120$ (+ 10$ shipping outside of Europe), PayPal only.Contact via email (available on the contact form)!


General / 20 March 2019

Full character with promarkers and colored pencils on 9x12“ paper: 120$ (+ 10$ shipping outside of Europe), PayPal only.

Contact via email (available on the contact form)!

News on the Portfolio!

General / 11 March 2019

As an exercice, I draw some covers from different stories (Archie, Star Wars, X-Men etc).
It was really fun and challenging! I hope you'll like it!
All the personal covers are here!


General / 05 March 2019

My short story on the "Funnies" issue is out on the new WicDiv volume!
Out March 6th!

Art VS Artist

General / 12 February 2019

Last year, this hashtag was before Superfrekas and all the awesome projects, so I had to do it again!

I'll write next week an article about 2018. I wanted to make a Youtube video (like I did in 2016), but I don't have the time and the energy ^^
2018 was hard but also very important, so I need to talk about it!


Promarkers and commissions

General / 11 February 2019

Jean Grey, commission (promarkers, colored pencils on bristol, 2019)

Kate Bishop (promarkers, colored pencils on bristol, 2019)

"Draw This In Your Style" challenge

General / 25 January 2019

I'm doing the challenge on Instagram, it's a really fun one!

Original drawing by

Original drawing by Jo Rioux

Happy New Year

General / 08 January 2019

Wishing you good health, happiness, and love!